Movement + Mobility

Cycling is my main jam. Cyclists are bad at remembering to stretch. While it can be low-impact on your joints, we are not impervious to injury! Lately, I rarely go through an entire yoga flow, but rather use the poses in a series of dynamic stretches. Dynamic stretching consists of active movements, rather than holdingContinue reading “Movement + Mobility”

Gazpacho: drink or soup?

It’s August, so snatch up some tomatoes while the gettin’ is good. I loosely followed a recipe from New York Times Cooking, “Best Gazpacho Recipe” and added lime juice, because it fo’ sho’ needs acid. The following is my version of this chilly soup: Ingredients:  About 2 pounds ripe red tomatoes, cored and roughly cutContinue reading “Gazpacho: drink or soup?”

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